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    You can see that there are good reasons. We should use a toothpaste. And toothpaste is a variety to choose to suit you. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Soothing can be used safely by pregnant women. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Soothing acts durably through everyday use. With regular brushing, the toothpaste builds a durable protective barrier, a mineral layer on ...
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    Fluoride: You should only buy fluoride toothpaste. It may look from the tube with the word. Stanley fluoride, sodium fluoride or mono fluoride phosphate (MFP). Fluoride is the most widely studied compound. Toothpaste with fluoride to maintain healthy teeth. Reduces tooth decay and prevents tooth sensitivity. Toothpaste: Suitable for sensitive teeth. It may take several ...
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    The substance in the toothpaste that seems to be the most studied would be fluoride. Fluoride is the first ingredient in toothpaste in 1914, but in fact. This fluoride toothpaste has been invented since the 1950s, which is a long time before being approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Just add the anti-bacterial Tri-lactic ...
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    Some toothpastes contain bluish dyes, to create an optical effect of dissimulation of the yellowish color. Although of course the effect is very labile. Other toothpastes, manage to stimulate the pink color of the gum, so with the contrast of the tooth seems to be whiter, to go using the paste is acquiring the pinkest ...
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    Whitening toothpaste There are many types of toothpaste, and the truth is something difficult when we want to buy one. Since they all promise teeth whitening, but the prices are very different and the components too, then which one is the most appropriate? Abrasive bleaches These whitening toothpastes are the most economical, they whiten thanks ...
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    The toothpaste is a fundamental element in oral hygiene routines. Without it, tooth brushing would not be half as effective as it is now. We could consider it practically a product of first necessity. Although it seems that all dentifrices are the same and are composed of the same substances, each patient needs his own ...
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